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radio06Hart Associates from Ohio came to Toronto to work with EHM to handle the original music for their US tv and radio commercials for Promedica Health Systems and Paramount Healthcare.

Twelve television spots were produced and twelve 60 second radio commercials were handled by EHM. Terrific Toronto tv and radio on-camera actors and voice talent were auditioned in Toronto for their US TV and radio commercial ads and their US announcer Paul Renusch was flown in to record the voiceovers. VO revisions were handled using ISDN phonepatch in our recording studio. André Pienaar directed the spots through Ruckus Films. Fantastic editing by Kurt Ritchie of Traffik Edit of Toronto.

Much love to producer Kali Kyriazis for being so patient and the guiding light for all of us.

Here are some of the spots we've produced...

Paramount Healthcare / Promedica Health Systems

Paramount - Anniversary

Promedica - Walk

Promedica - Karaoke

Promedica - Swim

Promedica - Wait

Promedica - Two Left Feet

Promedica- Mom Was Right

Promedica- Stars

Promedica- Siblings

Promedica- Lollipops

Promedica- Slide

Promedica- Heartbeat

Promedica- He Taught Me

Promedica- Fireman

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