Eric Harry Studios - Redesigned and Rewired!
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Toronto recording studio with Trident 80B console and Yamaha C7 diskclavier grand piano.Our studio got a massive complete new reno and redesign. Designed by studio designer Jim McLellan of Progressive Interiors, we feel it's soooo comfy and condusive to a creative environment. Clients are happy...consequently, we're happy.

"Beautiful cloth walls and sound treatments, it's amazing the diference sonically when you have a treated room", says Eric. "Plus the complimentary combination of the new vintage Trident console makes for a mouth-watering combo. You can hear so well in the control-room, anywhere! From or back, you don't lose any frequencies in the mid or low ranges...even if you're sitting on the couch at the back".

Also, a beautiful new 60" plasma video monitor that makes even the wimpiest 2 meg quicktimes look amazing!

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